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What Is LiveHive?

efficiently capture both quantitative data and rich qualitative insights in a single approach

LiveHIVE is C+R’s proprietary approach that is ideal for testing stimuli such as early-stage creative, packaging, concepts – anything that you want consumers to react to. 

When you need quantitative reliability and qualitative depth, LiveHIVE is the perfect solution.

The benefits of livehive

qual + quant

Quantitative reliability meets qualitative depth.


Survey and focus group data gathered consecutively and viewed in real-time.

Respondent Spotlighting

Hand-selected respondents get you the depth you need.

Geographic Precision

Any geography, any market.

Team Building

Virtual backroom interactions and live results naturally facilitate collaboration.

Quick, actionable insights

Client teams know the direction to take at the end of the session. 

How Does LiveHive Work?

C+R administers a national survey online to qualified, pre-recruited consumers. Our team and the clients can observe the results coming in real time. 

  • Sample sizes for each session are customized to your needs (typically 100 per session); survey is no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Immediately after each quantitative session, we collaboratively select respondents (typically about 6) to participate in webcam focus groups (about one hour) – digging in deeper for optimization elements and explaining the whys behind the data.
  • After the focus groups, we conduct a team debrief, aligning on what we learned during the LiveHIVE session.

Watch below as Alex Malhoit, C+R’s Director of Online Immersion Operations, explains how clients are leveraging LiveHIVE.

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