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Sentiment Surveys

What are C+R’s New Sentiment Surveys?

Sentiment Surveys are a new agile survey solution that leverage AI in-survey for probing open-ended questions and for rapid analysis of unstructured data (coding). These surveys delivers qualitative feedback at a quantitative scale more quickly and at a lower price than traditional approaches.

We developed Sentiment Surveys with this goal in mind: Gather the “voice of the consumer” on a large scale through online surveys, capturing authentic consumer responses (in their own words) to gain a comprehensive understanding of issues, brands, priorities, trends, and more.

This can all done in a quick and cost-effective manner with data delivered in a client-accessible dashboard (DisplayR), a cloud-based data delivery platform. Add-on reporting is available for an extra fee.

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Potential Use Cases for Sentiment Surveys:

  • Understand how consumers think about a certain topic or trend in a product category, such as:
    • What is the best source of protein?
    • What does clean labeling mean?
    • What makes an article of clothing a good value?
    • What makes the difference between a retailer you “love” shopping at vs. one you shop at out of habit or convenience?
  • Basic message comprehension checks early in the creative development process.
  • Retailer top-to-tops (share new insights regarding category, brand, retailer); customer meetings to tailor insights specifically for a retailer’s customer base, category managers. Also ideal for annual reviews.
  • Trend monitoring and deep dives.
  • Questions that leadership/sales/internal stakeholders want answers to but don’t want to warrant a big project.
  • Deeper understanding of consumer perceptions of sensory attributes in product development.