Case Study

Getting Quick Insights on Consumers’ Perceptions of Nutrients


Our client, a large food producer, has historically focused on acquiring insights about specific categories that they operate in, with lower priority on understanding broad, over-arching issues that cut across many different categories such as health and wellness. With this in mind, our client approached us to “test the waters” using C+R’s Sentiment Surveys.


Needing Insights Beyond Category

Our client, a large food producer, has done a lot of research about specific categories, types of proteins and concepts, but they don’t have much knowledge about consumers’ thoughts on general/broader topics like protein and carbohydrates. And with continued interest in plant-based foods, they wanted to better understand consumers’ thoughts about specific types of nutrients, their benefits in their diet as well as the types of products purchased to deliver these benefits.



Qualitative Insights at Quant Scale

C+R has developed an agile approach called ‘Sentiment Surveys’ that serves to quickly address clients’ needs at a very low cost and was a good fit for this research given our client’s objectives. Sentiment Surveys primarily include essential, high-value open-ended questions that are programmed in an online survey and coded using AI/NLP Technology saving money and time. The survey developed for this client focused on respondent opinions around their nutrient needs and perceived benefits.

We sampled n=500 (minimum for this approach) respondents and designed broad, open-ended questions to allow for unfiltered thoughts that first came to mind. Raw verbatims and overnight-coded data were then uploaded into an online portal for our client to easily filter, manipulate, and pull together a story supported by word clouds and other fully editable graphic displays that are included in the portal.

The result

Quick, Foundational Insights via Online Portal

Our client was thrilled with the quick turn-around and foundational insights gained into how consumers view various proteins and the associated nutritional benefits. With the data available in an online portal, our client loves the flexibility of creating additional data cuts, filters, and visualizations to create a compelling story. The information is being used in decision making that will serve to better meet consumers’ nutritional desires and as a stepping-stone to future research.

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