Case Study

Agile Research Case Study: Optimizing New Product Packaging


One of C+R’s clients, a marketing cooperative, works with food manufacturer brands to launch new products throughout the year; therefore, packaging research is a regular part of their work. The client came to C+R looking for an efficient approach to incorporate packaging research into their workflow. C+R’s (– CopyIQ HL: system emerged as the perfect solution.


Looking for a New Approach to Packaging Research

One of C+R’s clients, a marketing cooperative, needed help improving their approach to packaging research. They wanted to be able to assess packaging using typical evaluation metrics (appeal, uniqueness, intentions), but were also interested in incorporating consumers’ open-ended feedback. Yet, budget and timelines precluded an extensive two-phase qualitative and quantitative approach. Given that packaging research was a regular part of their work, the client was also eager to find a research solution that would enable them to compare and “benchmark” results from test to test.


CopyIQ Combines the Best of All Worlds

CopyIQ emerged as the right solution for the client’s needs. With CopyIQ, they wouldn’t have to choose between depth and accuracy; CopyIQ combines the nuances and details of in-depth interviews with the rigor and metrics of wide-reaching surveys.

Over the past two years, we’ve conducted a series of CopyIQ studies for different product launches. Sessions of 60-75 participants include both standard quantitative measures (appeal, uniqueness, intentions, attribute ratings) and open-ended questions to help assess what is working best (or not working) in each of the packaging concepts.

The CopyIQ studies assess different types of products within the same broad category, so we’ve been able to incorporate the same “quant” metrics into each study, customizing specific questions and attributes that only apply to specific products. Because many questions are consistent across studies, we’ve also worked with the client to compile a database of scores across the different studies – allowing the client to see how the different concepts stack up to one another.

The result

A Quick and Efficient Evaluation System

Our client now has a quick and efficient system for conducting packaging research, via CopyIQ. The system meets their qualitative and quantitative needs and enables them to carry learnings from one test to another, learning a little bit more with every test.

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