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infusing diversity and inclusion in media & entertainment


When a global media company known for entertainment and content creation sought to foster a more expansive understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion among mid and top-level leadership, they quickly realized textbook definitions weren’t going to cut it.

Applying agile and innovative methods, including online digital immersion and qualitative video journaling, C+R delivered multimedia research results that brought multicultural consumers’ realities to life. With video testimonials in-hand, executives were able to rapidly socialize and act on the insights.


Expanding Definitions of Diversity on a Tight Timeline

Immersed in a hyper-competitive and fast-moving industry, a global media company was looking to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant to increasingly diverse audiences. While marketing organizations and content creators within the company had historically focused representation around race and ethnicity, our client had the sense that it was time to expand representation efforts to include broader definitions of gender, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of diversity.

To make this shift, the company needed to hear directly from its consumers. They needed first-hand accounts that explored consumers’ joys, challenges, and reactions to current media representation.

To make things even more interesting, the client wanted a robust understanding of these complex topics on a tight turnaround – in time for a key leadership meeting just weeks away.


Exploring Views on Multiculturalism, Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation Through Intergenerational Video Journaling

The C+R team developed a research and exploration plan to help the client understand audience feelings about media representation. The research design included online digital immersion and qualitative video journaling with parents and their children.

Over five days, the C+R team interviewed more than 50 parent-kid pairs, capturing their thoughts on multiculturalism and uncovering their hopes for authentic representation in everyday life, as well as in children’s media.

The interview sample included:

  • Non-Hispanic whites
  • Hispanics
  • African Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Bi-racial households
  • LGBTQ+ families
  • Parents of children with special cognitive and physical abilities and needs

The result

Redefining Multiculturalism and Representation from the Top Down

C+R’s video journals brought multicultural consumers’ realities to life; confessional clips and a fully developed video report allowed the client to quickly socialize valuable insights among the company’s leadership. As a result, the client was able to authoritatively make the case for redefining multiculturalism and representation throughout the company’s ranks, proving that diversity goes well beyond race and language.

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