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When it comes to understanding multicultural cohorts, we believe in taking an immersive approach. Our CultureBeat team is here to help you deepen your knowledge of Black/African American consumers and build the cultural empathy you’ll need to craft messages that reach and resonate. We love developing custom research strategies that help brands move beyond representation and celebration to inclusion.

decades of experience supporting black / african american marketing efforts

Many brands are eager to tap into Black/African American spending power and have been moving quickly to develop marketing strategies that resonate with Black/African American consumers. But they often don’t know where to start.

As with any cultural group, the Black/African American community is not monolithic; it is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and incredibly diverse.

There is no one “Black experience,” but rather a kaleidoscope of perspectives and experiences that shape Black/African American consumer behavior.

We have decades of experience supporting Black/African American marketing efforts; we’ve helped countless brands understand the many facets of this important community – getting them in front of consumers and exposed to the rich variety of perspectives.

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