Reflecting on Juneteenth: Voices from C+R Research

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Ashleigh Williams

Senior Director, Online Qualitative Research

The CultureBeat team recently hosted a round table discussion about Juneteenth here in our office with a few of our employees. We wanted to reflect on the significance and awareness of the holiday from people of different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Juneteenth commemorates the official end of slavery in the U.S., marking June 19, 1865, when the last enslaved people in Texas learned of their freedom, which was two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This holiday underscores the ongoing journey toward equality and justice for the Black community. While those in the South have observed this holiday dating back to 1866, for many celebrating is a new tradition; Juneteenth was proclaimed a federally mandated holiday in 2021.

Our colleagues shared varying levels of awareness and experiences on Juneteenth, noting the frequent lack of education about this holiday and other significant Black historical events. This gap highlights the importance of self-education and inclusive historical teachings.

The discussion highlights opportunities for broader education on Black history, stressing the value of understanding the full scope of American history to foster a deeper appreciation of and empathy for the Black community’s struggles and triumphs. There is agreement that the holiday is a time to reflect on shared history and take steps toward inclusivity. Supporting Black-owned businesses and acknowledging historical contexts are meaningful ways to honor the holiday.

Celebrations of Juneteenth are diverse and most are joyous gatherings, involving family and friends, supporting Black-owned businesses, and activities that celebrate Black culture and history. It serves as both a time for joy and reflection on the progress made as well as ongoing challenges. Our colleagues who are parents cite the importance of educating their children about the holiday, ensuring they see all cultures represented in the country’s cultural customs/celebrations, and understand their history, fostering a crucial sense of identity and awareness for the next generation.

Juneteenth is a time for celebration, reflection, and education. It reminds us of our collective history and calls us to build a more inclusive future. We invite everyone to join us in honoring Juneteenth, celebrating progress, and recognizing the work ahead.

To learn more, listen to our Juneteenth conversation in the video podcast below!

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