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Shopper Segmentation Study

Understanding Your Shoppers’ Behaviors Matter

You have consumer segmentation, why do you need a shopper segmentation?

A shopper segmentation looks at needs, attitudes, and behaviors when choosing and purchasing a product as opposed to a consumer segmentation that focuses on needs, attitudes, and occasions when using a product.

Shoppers and Consumers – what’s the difference?

Shoppers and consumers can be different people, but they can also be the same person. In a nutshell, the shopper is the chooser, and the consumer is the user.

The Benefits of C+R’s Shopper Segmentation Study

how we can help

Our Shopper Segmentation and typing tool offers you a simple way to understand the mindset of shoppers. By incorporating several questions into any qualitative screener or survey (such as a shopper journey, path-to-purchase, or decision hierarchy study), you’ll be able to segment your shoppers, allowing you to better understand their motivations and values.

  • Saves time/money when you’re unable to conduct your own custom shopper segmentation
  • Understand how your key consumer segments behave while shopping
  • Uncover ways to connect with your category/brand’s key segments when they are in the shopper mindset
  • Easily identify targeting and messaging opportunities for marketing efforts (merchandising, pricing, product assortment, promotions, etc.) that resonate with each segment

Six Distinct Shopper Segments

Our proprietary shopper segments can provide a clearer view of opportunities and unmet shopper needs – leading you to better targeting, communication, and merchandising strategies.

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