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Hispanic consumers have always been important to the success of major brands, but for years, companies rarely considered adding them to their marketing strategies and research budgets.

According to the latest census data, Hispanic consumers account for 19% of the population (up 23% since the last Census) and have a spending power of $1.9 trillion. It’s no wonder many brands are now focusing efforts on marketing to Hispanic consumers. C+R Research has long encouraged brands to consider the unique needs of multicultural consumers. And over 20 years ago, we formally started our Hispanic research practice, LatinoEyes.

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When it comes to Hispanic consumers, one size doesn’t fit all. Hispanic consumers are an extremely diverse group, with heritage in many different parts of the Spanish-speaking world (Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, and Colombia to name a few), as well as different levels of acculturation. Our in-language, in-culture team hails from many of these same countries and goes beyond research, adding cultural context based on their own backgrounds and experiences. We are driven by our passion—we know these people; we are these people.

Our goal is to help you understand what makes the Hispanic audience unique and how they navigate in their daily lives. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to deliver relevant products, services, and authentic messaging demonstrating the empathy needed to win these consumers to your brand.

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