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Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

You probably heard about the 2018 “Tide Pods Challenge” phenomenon. Headlines screamed about the travesty sweeping the nation, in which teens declared that the brightly-colored detergent packets looked “tasty,” then ate them and posted videos of the consumption to social media. Then got rushed to the emergency room by their panicked parents. Some, reports said, even died. Adults nationwide shook their heads in disdain of this widespread idiocy on the parts of American teens.

Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

Toy Fair 2016 and the Digital Kids conference F are where toy makers reveal their latest innovations for kids (and adults) and do business with retailers, marketers, and media buyers. Here are a few high-level takeaways from the trade show floor and the c

Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

Our 2015 Holiday Wish List survey is in, showing that kids' desires may be simpler than we think. From this data, we put together an infographic to give you insights into what today's youth are putting on their wish lists this year.

Sharon Seidler, Senior Vice President

There is another cohort that doesn't have the contemporary pizzazz of Millennials, but is, nevertheless, powerful and ripe for many products and services. I'm talking about what I have termed the Generation-Skipping Spenders (GSS).

Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

One thing C+R is best known for is our KidzEyes panel, which fuels our YouthBeat syndicated study. KidzEyes is unique in the kid research industry because we contact individual children directly through their own email (notifying parents), and we contact their parents separately. Most online kid research is done at a "household" level, meaning that parents are contacted, they open a link and have their children take a survey. By contacting the both the child and parent directly, we can ensure that their answers are candid and unbiased--separately.

Gene Del Vecchio

I've spent a career investigating and dissecting what youth audiences want. While they gravitate toward the timely and contemporary, they still find great comfort in the timeless and true. It's the blend that makes for blockbusters, along with a good dose of what I term marketable artistry.

C+R's Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President, and Juan Ruiz, Research Director will be speaking at the Millennial Mega Mashup Conference on May 8th at the Perry South Beach Hotel (formerly the Gansevoort Miami).

In their session "Millennial Parents: A Segmentation of Different Parenting Styles," Juan and Brenda will discuss the ways in which Millennial parents view the job of raising today's children. Using data from our annual YouthBeat® study and online community,, they will look at: