Case Study

Addressing the Needs of Passengers with Disabilities


As one of the leading transportation companies in the U.S., our client wanted to build on the accommodations offered to passengers with disabilities. To achieve this goal, our client assessed potential innovations to better serve the needs of this audience. To best inform these decisions, this transportation company chose to partner with C+R Research to better understand disabled customers’ needs and preferences.   


What are the needs for passengers with disabilities?

The goal of this research was to help our client identify the key needs for passengers with disabilities –  accommodations needed, who is most in need of those accommodations, how it impacts the travel experience for all passengers, especially the impact on future bookings.


Optimizing a survey so all populations could participate

Leveraging the client’s list, C+R conducted the survey with a good cross-section of passengers, including those with disabilities and their companions – who were classified by answering questions regarding their needs for accessibility aids and/or specific types of tickets purchased. Given the target audience, C+R developed a questionnaire that was optimized and inclusive of all passenger groups. Specifically, the survey leveraged built-in system assistance, flattened matrix questions, alternative input devices, Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA tags), indexing to objects on page, and easy-to-read fonts.  

The result

Reporting designed for accessibility; insights lead to rethinking strategy

The client needed a highly visual presentation to share with key stakeholders, and to ensure all current and future team members could easily access the results. We also prepared a separate version in Word that was optimized for those with greater needs for accessibility. The research identified the key needs of passengers with disabilities and their companions, which were surprisingly different than what the stakeholders originally hypothesized. The client used this information to not only guide product design, but also to implement improved processes to enhance satisfaction and willingness to travel for key passenger groups.

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