Case Study

Encouraging Teens to Start Saving


C+R assisted a nonprofit organization in researching the savings attitudes and behaviors of teens over an eight-month period. The teens had recently completed a program sponsored by the nonprofit, and the organization was interested in understanding what effects the program had on teens’ willingness to save some of the money earned via summer jobs.

C+R conducted a quantitative survey and learned that our client’s program had a positive impact in encouraging teens to establish habits to save a portion of their earnings.


Did Our Program Make an Impact on Teens’ Savings?

Our client, a nonprofit organization, created a program to encourage teenagers working summer jobs to save a portion of their earnings. Teens watched a “How to Save” video, completed a savings pledge, and used direct deposit to save a portion of each paycheck received.

After the eight-month program’s completion, the organization sought to understand the program’s effectiveness. Specifically, they wanted to know if the program had encouraged teens to save money and had helped them to establish the habit.


Surveying Teens after the Program

C+R developed an online survey to capture perceptions of our client’s program. One hundred teens who participated in the program completed a 15-minute online survey, where they rated various aspects of the program’s effectiveness and described their savings habits before and after participation.

The result

Teens Started and Continue to Save Based on Program

Our research confirmed that our client’s program had a positive impact on teens’ savings habits, both by increasing the use of direct deposit and in encouraging and establishing the habit of savings. The messaging that the client used to start the habit of saving was especially helpful for teens.

In addition to an in-person presentation for key stakeholders, the results of the research were included in a pamphlet distributed more broadly to the nonprofit’s donors and supporters so they could also learn of the program’s successful outcomes. Click here to read the pamphlet.

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