Case Study

Driving Kid Retail Strategy with Shopper Segmentation


The children’s retail space presents unique and complicated challenges. Chief among them — the complex and ever-changing relationship between consumer (child) and shopper (parent/adult).

A major children’s apparel retailer was losing consumers as they aged. To help the brand retain consumers and win new ones, consumer insights were needed to help guide new strategies and tactics.


A Major Children’s Apparel Brand Struggles to Maintain Traction with Consumers as They Age

Despite being a leading fashion-forward voice in its industry, a children’s apparel brand was losing traction with customers as they aged. Further, the brand was struggling to keep up with digital media’s growing influence on shoppers and consumers.

Given this, the brand was eager to evaluate the attitudes of its primary audiences, uncover purchase barriers, and discover opportunities for path-to-purchase growth by audience segment. They needed research that accounted for a range of complex dynamics, including whom to target (parents, gift-givers, kids), and how to compete in a noisy landscape with countless channels and brands.


Quantitative Consumer Research and Advanced Analytics to Understand Barriers and Opportunities

The C+R team started with online surveys to profile shoppers of clothing for children aged 10 and under. The survey was designed to capture shoppers’ attitudes towards clothing purchases and determine how those attitudes varied throughout the purchasing journey.

The team then used a Max Diff approach as part of a multivariate analysis of survey responses – identifying attitudinal, occasion, and consumer-type segments.

In the end, the retailer received a multi-faceted report that included:

  • The breadth of the role their brand played in consumers’ lives
  • Detailed perception mapping of the brand and its competitors
  • Deep profiles of highly profitable consumer segments
  • A summary of the places where stated needs vs. derived/demonstrated needs aligned or differed
  • Recommendations on the biggest opportunity areas

The result

New Opportunities for a Brand to Grow as Its Consumers Grow

The C+R team uncovered a foundational need for increased brand awareness among key consumer groups, kid-friendly communications, targeted marketing to gift-givers, and outreach to shoppers of specialty retailers interested in “fashion-forward” products. With these insights in-hand, the brand developed a range of new marketing strategies and continues to be a top fashion-forward retailer in the industry today.

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