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Are Our Marketing Campaigns Making a Difference


How do you measure the overall impact of marketing campaigns on brand awareness and appeal? How do you know if your brand’s marketing campaigns are changing the conversation on the ground? 

These are the questions that a major retail brand was asking as they prepared to embark on two rounds of seasonal marketing campaigns. They reached out to C+R for help with answering their questions.

Using a hybrid quantitative and social listening approach, C+R provided actionable research insights to help the brand understand where they stood and how to generate more buzz.


Measuring Changes in Brand Awareness and Appeal

A leading competitor in the home goods space, selling unique furniture and home décor and consumables, was preparing to launch two separate campaigns – one in late summer/early fall and the other during the winter holidays. 

Though the particular goals of the two campaigns were slightly different, the overarching objective of both campaigns was to make a measurable impact on brand awareness and appeal and, as a result, convert more prospects to customers. Before launch day, the brand needed a foundational understanding of current brand awareness and appeal; after launch day, they wanted support assessing the efficacy of each campaign. The client was interested in tracking these key measures:

  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Perceptions
  • Brand positioning vis-à-vis key competitors.


Three Brand Tracking Waves and a Social Listening Study

C+R developed a hybrid quantitative and social listening approach to meet the client’s unique needs.

The quantitative portion of the study included one baseline wave (pre-campaigns) and two waves of brand tracking toward the end of each campaign period. The quantitative sample was representative of key markets, customers, and prospects.

The social listening study involved curating Boolean search strings to collect brand mentions online (over 60,000 mentions to be exact). The qualitative data was quantified using in-house text analytics software, and results were incorporated into a hybrid quantitative and social listening report.

The result

Extending the Reach

Our research showed that the campaign efforts resulted in an enormous amount of buzz online, which converted to positive improvements in key brand measures. 

The campaigns helped paint a picture of the store as a fun place to shop, and the number of past six months’ visitations and purchases increased; however, the campaign did a better job of reaching existing customers and social media followers than potential targets. Because the brand’s campaign strategy connected so well with current customers, the strategy may have unintentionally overlooked the needs and interests of non-customers. This disconnect represented a key opportunity – if these groups were targeted more specifically, the brand could increase awareness and subsequently increase shopping and purchasing. 

The results of the study were used to help broaden the appeal of the brand’s campaigns going forward.

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