Case Study

Illuminator Shopper Panel Guides Category Strategies


A CPG brand was interested in improving overall category performance at a particular retailer to elevate their own brands’ performance while also helping the retailer gain additional share within the category. Our client knew from market analysis that the overall category performance at the retailer lagged other retailers, but they lacked data that described why performance lagged.

C+R proposed an Attitude & Usage (A&U) study to help the client understand why performance was lagging and what they could do to accelerate growth.


Getting to the Bottom of Lagging Performance

Our client, a CPG brand, was in the early stages of crafting a business plan. As part of the planning process, they needed to understand category purchase influences and barriers at a particular retailer. Further, the brand needed to know what factors were driving category purchases at other retailers. The company was also eager to include specific consumer opinions as part of the category review.


Illuminating Methods

To help both brand and retailer see gains in this category, C+R conducted a quantitative A&U study utilizing C+R’s Illuminator Solutions to dive into motivations and barriers to purchase.

At the heart of Illuminator Solutions is C+R’s Illuminator Shopper Panel powered by Prodege, a consumer engagement platform with millions of verified members with proven spending histories. The panel allowed our team to target verified category purchasers, including:

  • Shoppers who currently purchase the category at the retailer
  • Shoppers who purchase groceries at the retailer, but currently purchase the category elsewhere

Lastly, to allow the client to hear directly from consumers (in their own words), a qualitative component was added to the survey.

The result

Uncovering Key Purchase Drivers and Barriers

The A&U survey uncovered key purchase drivers and barriers; these insights informed development of a new category strategy and also allowed our client to start a conversation about lagging performance with its retail partner.

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