Case Study

Tracking Global Brand Health in the Spirits Category


A major US spirits brand had US-based survey data and sought to conduct similar research in seven additional countries throughout Europe and Asia. They wanted to adapt the quantitative survey used in the US phase to deliver the same extensive metrics and reporting formats their team was familiar with.


Measuring “Apples to Apples”

C+R had previously conducted a thorough—though US-based—brand health tracking study for alcoholic beverages, which included 500 brands across seven spirits categories. Our client, a major US spirits company, next asked us to replicate the project globally, keeping the extensive reporting consistent with the prior study (including breaking out key demographic targets by brand and category markets).

Our challenge was to leverage the US study by adapting it to fit specific markets’ customs, languages, and needs.


Customizing Categories by Country

To replicate the project globally, we adapted a quantitative survey evaluating seven spirits categories that had previously been deployed across the United States. The intention was to be able to use the survey in seven additional countries, one in Asia, the rest in Europe.

Adapting the survey meant narrowing the focus, from seven spirits categories to one or two, depending on what was relevant in each country. We also included market specific channels and brands. Depending on market reality, multiple methods (including in-person) were employed to ensure participants could complete the survey. Finally, translations of the surveys were carried out with third-party partners to align with market and culture particulars.

The result

Pin-Pointing Opportunities by Country

By leveraging established US reporting policies, our client received market overview and category specific reports using consistent and familiar–looking metrics and reporting formats, which expedited the interpretation and deployment of findings. These results revealed deterioration in certain traditional spirits brands and categories previously unidentified in certain countries.

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