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As researchers, we often work with clients to help them better understand their shopper journey. When speaking of Shopper Journey work, most people immediately think of items purchased at retailers and the CPG industry. 

However, the shopper journey is important across all types of products and services, including the healthcare industry. While surgical procedures are an infrequent need, understanding the journey is very important for medical providers and associations. 


Our client recognized that decision-making for elective procedures varies considerably, as does the process potential patients follow when researching and deciding on such procedures. While there are many resources for gathering information about elective procedures, it wasn’t clear how consumers are utilizing these resources, and which may have more/less influence on their decision-making. 

Hence, our client wanted to conduct research to better understand:

  • All the touchpoints along the shopper journey for elective procedures 
  • Which are more/less influential on decision-making
  • How the journey differs by the type of procedure(s) required/desired
  • Ways in which they can impact the conversion process


We developed a multi-phase approach to ensure we captured all elements of the journey. Because there were several parties involved in this project, the project kick-off included interviews with internal stakeholders to ensure that everyone involved was on the same page and there was clear understanding of the research needs, as well as how the research results would be used. Next was the qualitative phase with in-depth discussions with past and potential target consumers/shoppers. 

Building on the learnings from the qualitative phase, we developed a quantitative survey that was administered to target consumers across all stages of the journey. This allowed us to intercept individuals during their journey and not rely on recall from months/years earlier.   

The result

We developed a complete Shopper Journey roadmap for the category and identified key touchpoints where the client could have an impact. This included a thorough list of all touchpoints along the journey and how each was utilized and how each influenced the journey and conversion to ultimately scheduling the procedure(s).

Deliverables included specific recommendations for changes to websites and communications to help shoppers of elective procedures. Additionally, we were able to highlight important differences that the client should recognize/address based on the type of shopper and their needs.  


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