Case Study

Unlocking the Power of Product Display Pages for Enhanced Shopping Experiences


Our multinational consumer package goods (CPG) client faced the challenge of understanding the impact of product display pages on a major grocery retailer’s website. Anticipating a push towards variated pages, they sought to present a research-backed perspective on which type of product display page (unvariated, double variated, or hybrid) provides the best shopping experience. Interestingly, the client noticed a sales lift for a key product category after a variation broke, prompting them to explore how different page variations might affect sales across multiple categories. Seeking insights, they turned to C+R Research for a User Experience Research study to unlock the secrets of product display page impact.


Revealing the Influence of Product Display Page Variation on Shopping Experience

We helped our client understand shoppers’ perceptions of navigation and shopability across three distinct product display page options (unvariated, double variated, and hybrid) for three key product categories, on both desktop and mobile devices. Our goal was to identify shopper preferences among these page options and evaluate potential financial impacts on our client’s brands within each category.


A Comprehensive Shopping Exercise and Quantitative Survey

Leveraging our diverse research offerings, we designed a robust research methodology to capture holistic insights:

  1. Multi-Celled Monadic Shopping Exercise: Shoppers engaged in a simulated shopping experience, evaluating one product category on a specific product display page option. We analyzed shopping behaviors, such as products added to cart, average cart size, average pack size, and views of the second page of products—enabling a deep understanding of the financial implications of each page type for our client’s brands within each category.
  2. Quantitative Survey: We surveyed shoppers to gain insights into their perceptions of navigation and shopability on each product display page. This phase delved into their shopping experiences, preferences, and potential areas for improvement.

The result

Unveiling the Impact of Product Display Pages on Shopping Experiences

Our research revealed the significant impact of product display pages on shoppers’ purchasing decisions across key product categories. Shoppers displayed a clear preference for adding products to their carts either from the search page or the product detail page. The quantitative survey yielded valuable insights into the ease of shopping, attractiveness of the shopping experience, and specific characteristics contributing to navigation ease and overall satisfaction.

The project empowered our client with a deeper understanding of how product display pages influence shoppers’ experiences. We confirmed the significance of shopping on the main screen and the impact of adding products to the cart from that screen on cart size. Furthermore, we identified the product display page that best aligned with shopper preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, while positively impacting our client’s financial outcomes.

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