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There are many nuances that go into category performance, but a CPG brand recently wanted to learn how to help improve overall category performance at a particular retailer to help elevate their own brands’ performance and also help the retailer gain additional share within the category. Our client knew from market analysis that the overall category performance at the retailer lagged other retailers, however, they desired the ability to share quantitative numbers with key stakeholders to illuminate why retailer performance, within the category, was not as strong.

At the same time, the CPG company was gearing up to present its category strategy with this retailer. That, coupled with the desire in the organization for a better understanding of consumer motivations, led to the proposed Attitude & Usage (A&U) study for this client.


A quantitative understanding of the barriers to purchasing this key category at the retailer was important so our client could craft the right category business plan. The findings needed to cover not only influences to purchase, but what factors were driving category purchases to other retailers. As such, the sampling frame was comprised of recent purchasers of the category (at the retailer and its competitive set so they could recall their category-specific experience.

In addition to the quantitative understanding, the brand wanted qualitative feedback in order to be able to show specific consumer opinions during the category review. A small qualitative component was therefore added to the survey that allowed for consumers to record direct feedback about the category (at this retailer and for competitors).


The research team worked with the brand to uncover hypotheses regarding the barriers to purchasing the category at the retailer and used this to craft a questionnaire designed to help the brand and retailer capture a higher share of category. 

As the A&U survey helped to uncover key purchase drivers and barriers, the research was used to generate messaging opportunities to help communicate positive value and quality tenets to consumers already purchasing the category groceries at the retailer.

The A&U studied also captured limited qualitative commentary directly from the consumer. These qualitative messages helped to show, from the consumers' own words, their unedited perspective on the category from the retailer.

The results from the survey were shared with the brand to enable them to craft the category strategy and share implications with the retailer. The report was distilled to key insights that would impact actionable strategies going forward.


To help both brand and retailer see gains in this category, a quantitative A&U study was conducted utilizing C+R’s Illuminator Solutions to further dive into consumer motivations and barriers to purchasing the category at the retailer.

At the heart of Illuminator Solutions is C+R’s Illuminator Shopper Panel powered by Prodege, a consumer engagement platform with millions of verified members with proven spending histories. With the panel, we were able to target verified category purchasers for this research.  These category purchasers included:

  • Shoppers that currently purchase the category at the retailer.
  • Shoppers that purchase groceries at the retailer, but currently purchase the category elsewhere.

With this sample plan, the survey could be extremely focused and allowed for fast results and guidance for future planning meetings.
This unique C+R Illuminator solution, along with our crafted story made a compelling case for helping the retailer win within the category.

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