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The internet – and all of its capabilities – has become a constant in consumers’ everyday lives. While this feels ingrained, its impact on behaviors is still evolving. How can we stay connected to online behaviors as the internet increasingly penetrates across facets of consumers’ lives?  This is the need that a consumer packaged goods company (CPG) in the household and personal care categories unearthed as they tried to stay ahead of consumers’ omnishopping behaviors and interests.

To meet the need, the CPG company wanted to provide its teams with continuous access to resourceful insights. This would inform them as they made key decisions but also help to build intuition across business needs and categories.

C+R Research developed an immersive and flexible, rolling approach to gain insights across the company’s research needs.


A major CPG company needed access to quick, reliable omnishopper insights and feedback to enhance their shopper conversion specific shoppers in specific retailers. But the need was great and varied, including a wide consumer target, many brands and deep product array; it was even more complex when layering on the multiple retail channels – club, drug, grocery and mass – and specific retailers both online and brick and mortar.

The CPG company knew they needed a valuable way to unearth targeted insights fast, but also didn’t quite have a grasp on the specific – and potentially ever-changing – research initiatives that would surface in the coming year. They connected with C+R Research to develop an approach that would be thorough, flexible, agile, tailored and also efficient.


The C+R Research team created a CommuniPanel – a hybrid of our community and panel offerings – to suit the varied research needs. We empaneled a large array of consumers and shopper types to tackle the need for information across category, brands, products, demographics and retailers. 

The community focus was on omnishoppers – those with a history of shopping CPG online – to meet them where they are: online. We played off their natural online behaviors and interests by cultivating a homepage for them to take part in research activities and generate their own content.

The panel furthered capabilities with a broader sample set for specific and large initiatives; thousands are housed and at the ready to enable agile, cost-effective research as the needs arise.

In many initiatives executed each year, the CPG company and the C+R analytic team explored shoppers' experiences, behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets with an immersive, extended engagement research approach.

We provided the company a plethora of learnings. Just a few of the topics covered were:
•    Building understanding of, and empathy for, the next generation of primary household shoppers
•    Exploring and executing new shopper loyalty programs and distinct benefits
•    Delving into the varied experiences of converted and non-converted shoppers across categories, products and specific retailers
•    Accruing learnings among expecting mothers and their shifting needs across nine prenatal months
•    Understanding in-store and online shopping navigation across categories, products and retailers to optimize the experience
•    Exploring the optimal website layout and navigation across categories, including eye-tracking and screen recording technologies

As a result of the CommuniPanel, the company developed strong shopper intuition and retailer partnerships via thorough insights. Learnings were leveraged to further shopper conversion and satisfaction across retailers, as well as improve overall revenue.


An online community and online panel of relevant shoppers was set up for 12 months initially, now with a 24-month history. As a part of the overall set-up, the C+R team met often with the client and across their internal teams to best immerse ourselves in their evolving needs and business. The chosen approach allowed the team to have constant and ready access to shoppers to conduct various research via a myriad of techniques, activities, and engagement methods. Specific techniques put to work were:

•    Quantitative surveys
•    Quick polls
•    Live chats
•    Mobile missions in-store
•    Screen capture missions online
•    Photo and video capture
•    Shopper-driven forums across relevant topics
•    Journaling
•    In-depth discussions
•    Eye-Tracking

The results have both generated a foundation of knowledge around consumer sets, as well as built a stronger relationship with partnering retail companies – increasing their stance as thought-leaders in their categories.

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