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An Omnichannel World Requires Smarter Research Methods

Introducing C+R Illuminator®.
The “why” behind consumer attitudes. The “what” behind shopper behaviors. 
And the know-how to answer the questions you didn’t know you could ask.
Now all in one place.

In order to arrive at actionable insights about shoppers and consumer dynamics, CPG manufacturers and retailers have traditionally used…

  • Custom qualitative and quantitative research to answer “why” (‘what perceptions and attitudes motivate my consumers to action?’) and
  • Syndicated consumer panel data to answer “what” questions (‘who are my best consumers and how do they behave?’)

But until now, the exploration of those two powerful data streams has required gathering the information from different sources and relying on assumptions and guesswork to reach conclusions.


With Illuminator®, our deep expertise and vast quantitative/qualitative attitudinal research toolbox can now be overlaid with behavioral panel data to shed light on the most actionable insights to address your business issues for categories, brands, channels/retailers, and shoppers.

And, our suite of Illuminator® solutions leverages our proprietary partnership with Numerator, whose OmniPanelTM provides the most complete, detailed and up to date data on consumer purchase behaviors from America’s largest consumer panel.

One of our most exciting new Illuminator® research solutions is our Dollars + Attitudes® ($+A™) methodology.  We’ve reinvented the standard “A&U” survey by integrating behavioral sales measures from Numerator with tailored attitudinal ratings to uncover game-changing, fully dimensionalized answers to your most important marketing questions.  Now, in your next A&U study, you’ll be able to directly link differences and changes in consumer attitudes to dollar sales of both your and your competitors’ brands opening a clear roadmap for growing your brand.

To learn more, download the infosheet here.

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