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An Omni-channel World Requires Smarter Research Methods

Introducing C+R Illuminator®.
Shopper DataThe “why” behind consumer attitudes. The “what” behind shopper behaviors. 

C+R’s Illuminator Solutions leverage our many years of shopper insights expertise and our vast toolbox of qualitative and quantitative research knowledge, along with verified shopper behavior to illuminate the most actionable insights to address our clients’ category, brand, channel/retailer, and shopper business issues.

At the heart of C+R’s Illuminator Solutions is our Shopper Panel powered by Prodege, a consumer engagement platform with millions of verified members with proven spending histories. Our Illuminator Shopper Panel provides insights into the behavior of verified shoppers via receipt, location, and digital data sample for our custom shopper insights solutions. 

The panel provides numerous ways to define your target shoppers based on their actual behavior - online and offline. This is accomplished with hundreds of thousands of shoppers who upload receipts, through location-based research (geolocation), and online/digital metering. 

Receipt data researchThe true benefit of our shopper panel is that we do not need to rely on claimed behavior, which can be inaccurate and unreliable. Moreover, having the ability to target shoppers based on their behaviors makes finding low incidence groups far less difficult and expensive – giving you precisely the WHAT about shoppers, coupled with expertly applied custom research that helps you understand the WHYS beyond their behaviors. The result: a holistic picture of the shopper experience. 


Key Channels Captured:

Shopper Data Key Channels

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