Almost Famous: What Growing Up in a Performance Culture Means for Today’s Youth

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About This Webinar

Kids’ fascination with celebrities might not be new, but today’s youth feel closer to fame than any generation before them. Whether it’s the fantasy of being discovered on YouTube, the chance to vote for the next American Idol, or the ability to tweet your favorite star or celebrity seems more accessible than ever. But what does this really mean to youth culture today? And what do you need to know to get kids, tweens and teens to be fans of your own brand, offerings or organizations? Based on findings from C+R Research’s YouthBeat study, an on-going quantitative study of kids’, tweens’, teens, and parents’ attitudes and behaviors, this presentation will provide information on how everything from the technology they use and the TV they watch, to the music they create both reflect and fuel today’s youth’s perspective on performance. At the end of this presentation, you’ll understand:

  • The reality and rules for being a celebrity brand
  • How social media reflects kids’, tweens’ and teens’ dreams of stardom
  • The family dynamics of celebrity/performance culture
  • The implications of this cohorts’ comfort with acting as “critics”
  • How performance culture relates to a desire to create (versus consume) content