Consumer Connections Series – The COVID-19 Chronicles: Pop-up Online Immersive Community

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About This Webinar

Are you interested in gaining a deeper, more intimate perspective on consumers’ evolving feelings, emotions and values that go beyond what the data from all of the many COVID-19 surveys are revealing? 

Here at C+R, we believe that gaining a first-hand, immersive view into consumers’ lives right now is the key to forging the empathy necessary for your brands to connect with consumers in ways that will resonate with powerful authenticity.

As we continue to help our clients navigate these unprecedented times, we’re inviting you to join the next phase in our Consumer Connections Series COVID-19 Chronicles, the Consumer Connections Community! We’re providing you with the opportunity to observe and learn directly from consumers as they navigate this “new normal” directly from them in an online pop-up community!

Here are the details:
  • We’re inviting 100 participants* across the country to share their stories over a 2-week period from May 13-27.
  • Thirty (30) of these consumers will partake in an immersive digital ethnography, chronicling their lives, behaviors, and attitudes with videos, pictures, and text.
  • All 100 participants will be asked to participate in a daily diary.
  • And, you’ll have front row access to it all! 

In this immersive community, you’ll dig deep into the whats, the whys, and the emotions that are driving consumers right now. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit a question.

Join our two-week pop-up community from May 13-27 to learn how your company can support consumers during this constantly evolving time.  Take some time and emerge smarter. 

Community registration is now closed.

For more information, please contact cronlinecom@crresearch.com  

*Special thanks to our partner, ROI Rocket, for recruiting our panelists!