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The world of research covers a lot of ground. Often, market research approaches are quickly associated with consumers. But, there are a multitude of other groups that need to fit into research abilities to suit all client needs – these are often the less ingrained, familiar paths. How can we match agile, yet immersive, abilities leveraged with consumers amongst harder-to-find and harder-to-engage targets? 

This is the need that a packaged goods company (CPG) in the construction and home décor categories identified as they wanted to conduct ongoing research with a hard-to-reach B2B target.

To solve the need, the company wanted to find a partner that could engage its elusive target – alongside a more available consumer target – to provide fast, effective insights as needed. This would benefit teams across the company, as they sought help in making decisions across both of their core targets.

C+R Research developed an approach to effectively engage both consumers and B2B targets in a unique and custom panel approach to cater across needs and topics.


This company needed access to quick insights, but had been struggling with the repeated, high cost of connecting with B2B targets across research initiatives. They wanted to make the most of their resources to expand upon the research they could complete annually. While engaging half of their audience – the consumers – had been easy, long-term engagements with the B2B targets proved to be difficult.

The company knew they needed a partner who had experience with both long-term panels, but also with an array of audiences and the ability to create a custom approach to suit their research need. A one-size fits all approach would not suffice in building an effective, active panel. They reached out to C+R Research to harness decades of community and panel expertise, as well as B2B experience, to create an approach that would be custom, yet efficient.


The C+R Research team created a panel to suit this need. The panel offered two components – one for the consumers and another for B2B professionals. Each part adopted unique language and flow across engagements and systems. 

In the engagements conducted over 2+ years, the company and C+R explored perceptions, experiences and processes in an ongoing fashion. Cadence and language are tailored to be thorough,  relatable and detailed, yet respectful in order to build an openness that keeps all participants engaged for continuous, cost- and time-effective feedback.

We provided the company insights across their initiatives. Some of the topics included:
•    Optimizing product packages to suit both groups at-shelf
•    Understanding pricing structures that are clear and impactful to both groups
•    Rolling out new products to suit all audiences, including co-creation and development, communications, etc.
•    Unearthing pain points associated with in-store and online shopping experiences
•    Delving into product expectations and evolving design needs to suit trends and understanding

As a result of building the panel, the company had agile, ready access to both of its core targets.  These were at their disposal to conduct research with each target separately or in parallel as needed. Learnings were used to build knowledge of targets, as well as to make quick and reliable decisions across business units.


An online panel with two audiences has been in place for more than two years. In addition to custom language and interactions, the C+R team generated high panel health via constant monitoring and focused participant refreshes to suit busy professionals in particular. 

This approach allowed the team to have reliable, ongoing access to both of its audiences to conduct various research initiatives. Specific techniques put to work were:

•    Quantitative surveys
•    Quick polls
•    Mobile missions in-store
•    Screen capture missions online
•    Photo and video capture
•    Forums across relevant topics
•    In-depth discussions
•    Webcam Interviews
•    Focus Groups

The results have generated enhanced learning and intuition as well as informed the company – enabling impactful decisions across its categories, brands and products, thus increasing their position in the industry.