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Darren Breese joined C+R in January 2007. His research covers several areas of strategic focus including product innovation, brand positioning, advertising and communications development and much more.  

He is well accustomed to traditional in-person research methods but also enjoys conducting online qualitative research that embraces technologies to bring the voice of the consumer to life. In both cases, he uses modern techniques to engage research participants with technology, enabling them to play a more active role in the research.

Darren brings with him a strong background in face-to-face consumer relationships, working in Sales for a building products manufacturing company and also at a focus group facility prior to joining C+R Research. 

Darren holds a B.A. in German and General Management with a specialization in International Business from Michigan State University.  He is an avid woodworker. 

  • What's the best part about working at C+R?

    The environment at C+R allows individuals to explore their interests and develop their careers in a way that suits their best interests. The culture at C+R has always been fun, supportive, engaging, and transparent. 

  • What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

    Uncovering those golden nugget insights that play a game-changing role in the project. Also seeing something I have worked on come to market.

  • What's your favorite thing about Market Research? What do you enjoy about Market Research?

    I love marketing research because we uncover aspects about people that they themselves don't recognize.  We reveal consumers' underlying motivations and behavior, and I think that's super interesting.  Even more fascinating is when, during a discussion, and use of projective techniques, consumers have a realization about themselves, and witnessing that "aha" moment of self-reflection isn't something most people see in their day-to-day.

  • What's your favorite thing to do in Chicago?

    Get breakfast at the Billy Goat under Michigan Avenue.