10 Best Practices to Maximize Your Ongoing Online Community

About This Webinar

Usage of long-term online research communities is on the rise. As researchers, you understand the key benefits of online communities:

  • Research can be done quicker and more cost-effectively,
  • Can produce better quality data via socially-engaged consumers, and
  • Enhance your vendors’ ability to provide added value to ad hoc studies.

So, the popularity of online communities is no surprise. However, sometimes you may struggle with the best way to effectively maximize ongoing online research communities, juggling to keep your stakeholders engaged with an abundance of research projects, engagement activities, and communications.

The trick is…how do you keep that pipeline of projects steady? How can you best leverage the unique community environment for your brand’s benefit? In this webinar, C+R Research along with Telligent will share …

  • Research examples that are best-suited for communities
  • Suggestions to keep your pipeline of projects and activities stocked for optimal results
  • Tips for utilizing the social aspect of online communities to benefit your organization’s consumer knowledge and your community members’ engagement