Uncovering a Marketing Blindspot: The Rise of the Single Adult Majority

About This Webinar

In September 2014, the U.S. Census reported that for the FIRST time in U.S. history, single adults outnumber their married counterparts. This trend is here to stay, but a question dawned on us – if over 50% of the population is single, then why does it seem like the majority of marketing efforts still target couples and families? By doing so brands are missing out on singles’ $567 billion annual spending power.

As we started to look at how brands are (or aren’t) connecting with this growing segment, we wanted to find out the truth about today’s singles. So, we partnered with TPN, a top retail agency, to launch a study to uncover key insights that are essential to understanding this influential group who we’ve coined, The New Independents.

Our goal was to shed light on opportunities for marketers to reach The New Independents, by uncovering key characteristics that distinguish singles from married adults.

In this webinar, Uncovering a Marketing Blindspot: The Rise of the Single Adult Majority, we will discuss the basis of this study and dive into:

  • Key misconceptions regarding today’s singles
  • Characteristics that distinguish different personality types of the New Independents
  • How brands and marketers can effectively target these different sub segments