agile research methodologies: an overview

The era of compromising quality, speed, and cost
is over

At C+R Research, we recognize that our clients are under increasing pressure to deliver faster and more cost-effective insights to their stakeholders. When facing this type of scenario, clients often find themselves in a difficult position where they need to make trade-offs between the quality of the research, the timeline, and the cost. All too often the quality of the research is compromised to ensure faster and cheaper results. But insights professionals know that implications are only as strong as the research on which they are based, and marketers know that there is considerable business risk associated with making hasty decisions based on research findings that are neither representative, valid, nor reliable.

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C+R’s response to this type of situation is different

We don’t force you to make trade-offs between quality, speed, and cost because we believe every engagement that is worth doing is worth doing well. All of the projects we handle at C+R—regardless of scope or scale—are designed around great research, benefiting from our deep category and brand perspective, and receiving committed client service every step of the way.

That’s why we developed our suite of rapid and cost- effective agile research methods. This empowers our analysts and clients to conduct quantitative and qualitative research as quickly as overnight without compromising quality research. Our flexible, fully customizable suite of tools and methodologies lead to quick, conclusive analyses and insights to satisfy your research needs.

Qualitative methods


An instantly recruited online qualitative discussion that allows for quick, quality feedback on a variety of business issues including: deep concept optimization (communications, products, designs), iterative development, and consumer profiles.

Innovation Sprint

A single session efficiently combines insight generation, ideation, and co-creation into a live online discussion board. These boards are facilitated by a C+R moderator, and gives the client team the ability to provide input in real-time.

Quantitative methods


Ideal when you need survey results fast, but still would benefit from receiving a topline report that provides insights for your business questions.

Omnibus Surveys

Capture precise quantitative results among a high- incidence population when you need answers right away. Omnibus surveys offer image testing and an option for open-ended coding for up to 1,000 consumers.

Rapid Response

A quantitative platform for testing creative concepts as quickly as overnight. This fast and cost-effective—yet methodologically rigorous approach—ensures valid and reliable results which are often predictive of in- market performance.

Hybrid methods

sentiment surveys

Rich, deep understanding from consumers through their own voices (qualitative) with larger sample size of quantitative


Efficiently capture both quantitative data and rich qualitative insights in a single approach. It is ideal for testing stimuli such as early-stage creative, packaging, concepts – anything you want consumers to react to – all with the speed you need.

Fully Adaptable

There are plenty of agile research solutions available elsewhere, but very few can be completely customized, including targeting special populations, to ensure that your specific business questions are addressed. Black box solutions don’t exist here, and all of our agile research projects receive senior- level attention to ensure that findings are not only delivered quickly and cost- effectively, but that they are also maximizing value and providing actionable insights to help facilitate decision-making.