The Culture Effect: Multicultural Millennials And Health

About This Webinar

We live in a multicultural world where cultures mesh and influence one another. As consumers seek out brands they can relate to or they feel care about them, culture plays an important role in their choices.

This is even more apparent with Multicultural Millennials. There are a multitude of cultures that influence and shape their purchase choices – especially when it comes to items concerning their health.

In this webinar, we will take you on a journey through the landscape of Multicultural Millennials and their views on healthy living. You’ll learn answers to burning questions such as:

  • How do their views affect shopping choices?
  • How do cultural influences/trends play a role?
  • What information shapes their views?
  • How does that impact their purchases?

The insights that we will share will help you uncover the diverse landscape that shapes Multicultural Millennials’ health ethos and the impact that this can have on your marketing initiatives. Specifically, you’ll gain insight into:

  • How culture effects their approach towards healthy living
  • What behaviors/resources help support their approach towards healthy living
  • How these views/approaches influence their purchase and consumption behaviors

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