Insights into the Preschool Market

About This Webinar

Today’s preschoolers have much in common with the cohorts that came before them, but there’s no denying that this generation of 2 to 5 year olds is experiencing the world differently than preschoolers of the past. To truly understand this market, it’s important to rely on real data that reveals the way this group lives now.

YouthBeat Jr., a new syndicated study and insight service from C+R Research, takes a careful look at the lives of these little explorers. In a survey of 2400 moms and dads, we ask them about topics ranging from toys and technology to snacking and social play.

In this webinar, we’ll tell you more about our newest offering from the YouthBeat team, and give you a sneak peek at our fresh-from-the-field data on preschoolers and digital play, including:

  • What today’s parents think about the digital doings of their digital natives
  • How preschoolers play has changed and how it’s stayed the same
  • What role traditional media plays in the lives of preschoolers today
  • How to get access to the latest data on the 2 to 5 set in an efficient, easy-to-use format