Navigating the Murky Waters of Boys, Girls and Gender Today

About This Webinar

From boys demanding their right to blue Easy-Bake Ovens, to girls getting mixed messages about what women’s work looks like in the real world, gender issues have become more mystifying than ever. For marketers, innovators, program developers and content creators, gender complexity can muddy the waters, making the best strategic choices related to communication, design and content less clear. Young Millennials might see masculinity and femininity as more fluid categories than any cohort in the past, but it’s clear that gender still matters to them. Understanding how today’s youth perceive and relate to gender and gender roles can make the difference between sinking or swimming in the youth and family marketplace.

In this webinar, the youth and family experts at C+R will provide you with a beacon for navigating the murky waters of what gender means to preschoolers, kids, tweens and teens right now. You’ll learn:

  • What role gender plays in the lives of youth
  • What youth think about the most timely gender debates
  • How gender perceptions have changed, and where they’re going
  • What practices to adopt and mistakes to avoid in order to get gender right with this cohort