Contemporizing Traditional Qualitative Research

About This Webinar

Amid the constant debate over the fate of traditional focus groups, researchers have found that online and mobile solutions are not a panacea. At C+R, we have been conducting an increasing number of hybrid methodologies to leverage the advantages and decrease the disadvantages of the array of available qualitative approaches.

We’ll walk you through several ways we’ve helped our clients harness the strengths of traditional qualitative research including:

  • Using a mobile diary for on-premise beverage consumption prior to in-person focus groups
  • Conducting an online pop-up community to generate learning and select “star” respondents for subsequent IDIs
  • Introducing tablets into the focus group room to aid accuracy and efficiency of gathering reactions
  • Using focus groups to optimize creative concepts, followed by online evaluation of optimized stimulus
  • Maintaining an ongoing proprietary community that can source quantitative as well as online or individual in-person qualitative studies

And much more…