Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Seamless Shopper Journey

About This Webinar

In a world of mobile devices, online experiences and social media, the consumer/shopper path to purchase has evolved dramatically since Procter and Gamble and A.G. Lafley’s “First (at shelf) and Second (product experience) Moments of Truth.” In fact, Google has since coined the term “Zero Moment of Truth” that refers to all of the marketing stimuli a consumer is exposed to online, at home, in transit or near/inside a store before the “First Moment” at the shelf. The industry is now focused on omni-channel retailing defined as providing a consistent, integrated shopping experience across physical stores, websites, mobile devices and any other sales vehicle.

But, how has this omni-channel retailing and marketing impacted shoppers? And, how do you research the shopper journey to understand the critical, influential touch points for your category and product?

In this informative webinar, Mary and Terrie will provide you with a beacon for navigating your shoppers’ journey. You’ll learn about:

  • Historical path-to-purchase models
  • The impact of the digital/mobile age and Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Best practices for researching your shoppers’ evolving journey
  • Examples to drive insights into action