Effective Ways to Uncover Deep Emotional Insights from Online Qualitative Research

About This Webinar

The buzz right now among brand marketers and researchers is all about consumer empathy.

How to identify it.
How to foster it.
And how to leverage it.

As online qualitative has emerged as a go-to technique in the market research toolkit, some have wondered whether it can truly deliver the type of intimate insights that are needed to fuel consumer empathy. Can we get real, authentic and emotional feedback from two-dimensional online conversations?

In this webinar, Erin Barber, the head of C+R’s online communities, and Emily Prozeller, one of our online community experts, will demonstrate how we at C+R Research leverage online qualitative research (community discussions, mobile, webcam IDIs, media, etc.) to generate revealing personal exchanges, uncover intimate sentiment and harness consumer emotion across a variety of product and service categories.