Research Communities + Partnerships: Seven Strategies to Take It Up a Notch!

About This Webinar

Communities and panels have come a long way in the past decade. While they still provide quick, continuous access to your consumers of interest, there’s more than meets the eye! To “take it up a notch,” think of communities not as a stand-alone method or tool, but as a part of a larger research strategy and offering.

When communities are leveraged properly, they can open the lines of communication – both with your brand and other community members – which can yield unexpected, in-the-moment insight into the consumer mind. This webinar will explore key strategies you should use to take your community up a notch. You will learn how to:

  • Approach unique research needs with a community and the tools you could use to do so
  • Integrate the community with your organization
  • Work best with your community research partner
  • Build relationships and engagement among your community members
  • Use your community as an iterative learning space, and more!

Emily Prozeller

Vice President, Communities & Panels