Step Right Up: Increase Your Odds of Landing in Mom’s Shopping Cart

About This Webinar

Several years ago, food manufacturers received enormous pressure from activist groups to reduce or stop advertising indulgent foods to children. While some companies switched to advertise “better for you” food products to children, others began to only target their advertising to the parents.

So we went on an exploratory quest to understand how the purchase decision occurs when the target of the communication is the parent, but the consumer is the child. Join Terrie Wendricks and Mary McIlrath as they take you through this complex journey utilizing a combination of custom research and data from our syndicated study, YouthBeat.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The decision making process of Mom (the shopper) and the child (the consumer)
  • The rational and emotional triggers on Mom’s path to purchase
  • Successful in-store and out of store executions that will inspire your own brand’s success