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Segmentation Research

To market your product or service effectively, it’s important to identify the people who would find it most meaningful and, therefore, are most likely to buy. Segmentation research is a key step for any targeted strategy because it identifies clusters of people by similar attitudes, needs, motivations, etc. who are dissimilar to others. Armed with this information, your company can prioritize higher value segments, then create efficient marketing strategies and tactics that are appealing to different segments, targeting them at the “places” you are most likely to find them.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The key benefits of segmentation research;
  • Tips and approaches to make your next segmentation successful and actionable;
  • How our clients have benefited from segmentation research, including how segments are brought to life for stakeholders. 

Join two of C+R’s segmentation leaders, Robbin Jaklin, President and Paul Metz, Executive Vice President to learn about the approaches we find beneficial for designing, analyzing and socializing segmentation research within your organization.  

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