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Survey Data Quality

The webinar is now over, please check back here in a few days to access the recording. If you registered for the event, you will get an email with a link to the recording within the next few business days.


Navigating Today’s Data Quality Challenges

Ensuring the quality of survey data is nothing new; in the early days, we concentrated on validating respondents and ensuring consistency among interviewers. Fast forward to today where the anonymity of online data collection has created more opportunities for fraud; couple that with COVID, and the problem has increased exponentially. So, we ask you, how confident are you in your data? Do you really know where it came from? Are data quality concerns even on your radar?

In our next Emerge Smarter webinar, please join Todd Eviston, Senior Vice President of Operations at C+R Research, and Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer at OpinionRoute, for an important industry discussion on the unique challenges that lie with data quality in this COVID age. You will learn:

  • How COVID impacted the quality of online panel sample
  • The components (both tech and human) necessary for Data Quality
  • Future innovations for enhancing Data Quality
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