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Jorge Martínez-Bonilla, Senior Vice President  |  Ana Villodres, Senior Director

Like the marathon runner who failed to properly prepare for the long-distance haul, brands often train more for the shorter sprint. Multicultural marketing is a feat that takes a marathon commitment.

Lynne Bartos, Vice President and Marketing Content Strategist

As researchers, we can employ a few different Behavioral Economic techniques to help ensure that people are more honest when taking our surveys.

Jorge Martínez-Bonilla, Senior Vice President

Marketers of the world take note: being inclusive pays off. Make sure your campaigns are illuminated by the power of inclusion and diversity so that the power of people itself makes your brands’ connections to them impactful.

Anna Rossi, Associate Analyst

It is important to understand the most appropriate way to speak to LGBTQ consumers and measure their sexuality to lead to the most actionable insights for your brand.

Paul Metz, Executive Vice President

We created a graphic to explore the most recent clean label and consumer trends, and share a one-stop shop resource that helps shoppers everywhere quickly get to the bottom of what's in various products, especially when the labels aren't clean!

Brenda Hurley, Executive Vice President

We've identified some of today's most promising emerging consumer segments. These diverse groups span generations and cultures that brands should consider for their growth and buying power.

Anthony Bahr, Senior Research Director

When starting this deep-dive into the lives of The New Independents we, along with our partners at TPN, presumed that singles not only had more freedom to spend their money but, overall, were in a better financial situation than married people. This was o

Jorge Martínez-Bonilla, Senior Vice President

Every year, our clients face the challenge of driving growth within the Hispanic segment, while balancing advertising budgets - particularly whether their messaging should be in English or Spanish, or both.

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