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Robbin Jaklin, President

I’ve been at C+R Research for most of my professional career, and it’s hard to believe how many changes I’ve seen over the years -- for us as a company, as well as the entire research industry. To be honest, I marvel at the way that C+R always remains nimble and how we keep pace with meeting our clients’ needs through innovation.

Online Qualitative

How to Leverage Online Qual for Real Consumer Connections

Leading-edge tools and technologies created for qualitative research have helped us immerse with consumers in new ways.  We are now able to uncover behaviors unobtrusively, dive deep into emotions, and explore attitudes and perceptions from multiple angles.  Online qualitative methods have helped our clients to understand their core consumers in ways that help them build brand strategies, create new products, optimize messaging, and more. 


Online Qualitative Research: Beyond the Interactive Open-End to Open-Endless Possibilities

This eBook provides an insightful guide to designing immersive and impactful online qualitative. Backed by 60 years of research experience, this eBook walks you through the myriad of customizable tools and applications that C+R can implement to humanize your research. It addresses key questions throughout the entire online qual process from identifying the best approach, execution, engagement, and more.

Paul Metz, Executive Vice President

The initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has mostly passed and panic has, to some extent plateaued, according to recently published research by The Ad Council. The threats are now known, and most Americans have shifted into coping mode; and unfortunately for many, survival mode.

Shaili Bhatt, Senior Director

Travel has been cancelled; in-person market research is indefinitely postponed. Industries have been greatly impacted by social distancing and new restrictions, which seem to change nearly every day. None of us expected a quarantine situation at the start of this year, but here we are.

Businesses nationwide are adjusting their purchase processes to meet home-bound consumers’ needs, by offering digital alternatives in this new normal, ramping up home deliveries, and adding parking lot pick-ups to encourage individuals to develop safer new habits. 

Shaili Bhatt, Senior Director

Someone breaks into a deep cough on a crowded street corner. Another person sneezes on a train. Everyone stares.  We are living in the era of the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. There are still many unknown factors of this disease, including how contagious it is, and when there might be a solution for global containment.

Kayla Myhre, Online Qualitative Analyst

When market research started back in the 1920s, quantitative research was the name of the game. It seemed to be the only way to gather accurate insights—that is, until qualitative research started to gain popularity in the 1950s and 60s. 

Emily Prozeller, Vice President

Like any industry, research has evolved to keep up with the unfolding demands for our services. Compared to the early days, research now spans a plethora of methodologies and correlating technologies – including the internet.

But, the internet isn’t new news. Right? 

Right. For years, the internet has been leveraged to make the world smaller, and the research arm longer. But despite the internet’s stronghold, some parts have yet to be fully understood or optimized. 

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