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For many clients, it’s critically important to capture and convey the results of focus group learnings, typically via video highlight reels. Video is often used to educate and motivate internal stakeholders on the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of consumers, or their reactions to a product or service. Video helps to immerse marketers in the research when they can’t attend in person, and it also brings the research to life by engaging external stakeholders and telling a compelling sales story.

The challenge in creating effective video is that traditional methods for recording focus groups, including stationary cameras and operator-assisted cameras, have limitations. Stationary cameras typically result in low-quality footage; it’s grainy and difficult to understand who is speaking. Operator-assisted cameras are expensive and can be challenging to track the natural flow of conversation.


A regional casual dining restaurant chain was looking to expand within its current marketplace—and beyond. As part of this initiative, the company wanted to understand perceptions of the brand and reactions to the restaurant experience. The objective of the research was to gain a vivid, consumer-centric understanding of the brand’s DNA, its elasticity, and what it ultimately could stand for in the future. The company also wanted to learn about customers’ delights, pain points and wishes in reacting to the menu, service, and dining atmosphere. Importantly, the company wanted a compelling way to share the findings and motivate franchisees around the learning.


C+R’s expert qualitative team created a dynamic video of the focus group learning—along with other insights—and presented it at the company’s annual franchisee meeting. The close-ups and fast-paced nature of the conversations brought diners to life in vivid detail. Management was delighted that franchisees were visibly more engaged in the learning because of the enhanced video storytelling. They became fully immersed in the research, which gave them a more nuanced understanding of their diners, what the brand stood for—and the opportunities for expansion in the future.


C+R conducted a comprehensive brand audit leveraging qualitative and quantitative approaches—including focus groups held at the chain’s individual restaurants. This gave diners real-world context to refer to during the discussions, helping to elicit a richer understanding of the brand and restaurant experience. We used C+R’s Dynamic Video Capture technique to seamlessly capture the discussions on modular, table-mounted GoPro cameras. GoPros have several advantages over traditional ceiling-mounted and operator-assisted cameras, including:

  • The small, compact size makes them unobtrusive and their wide angles mean fewer cameras are required
  • It is easy to capture vivid close-ups of each respondent, creating a more intimate feel
  • Respondents’ body language and facial expressions are more evident, which allows for a deeper, more authentic understanding of their feelings and perspectives
  • Tracking participants’ conversation comment-by-comment is seamless, without losing the context of who is speaking
  • The resolution and quality of the video is extremely high, making the video feel more polished and professional
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