Case Study

Creating a Cohesive Messaging Strategy Across Borders


How can brands in a partnership present a unified messaging campaign to not only reach different groups of consumers but also communicate the individual strengths of both brands in the partnership?

Two airline companies—one that was US-based and the other based in Mexico—had recently agreed to form an alliance. The brands sought to attract both US Hispanic and Mexican national fliers, two segments with different needs and expectations. C+R was tasked with speaking to these two consumer groups to help the client create a unified message that would resonate with both markets.


Creating Consistent Messaging for Disparate Consumers

US-based and Mexico-based airline companies had recently formed an alliance, and they approached C+R for help in developing an appropriate messaging that would reach both US Hispanics and Mexican nationals – two sets of consumers with unique needs, desires, and expectations.

Tour challenge was to elevate the benefits that were most relevant for consumers in the US and Mexico–without alienating the individual strengths of each airline—while also keeping the campaign cohesive and consistent.


Bicultural & Bilingual Moderator Needed

Iterative focus group sessions were conducted in the US and Mexico. All focus groups were led by the same C+R moderator who, as a member of our LatinoEyes division, was bicultural and bilingual and had expertise researching in both markets. This moderator also led the larger C+R team to ensure cultural awareness and knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of the project’s objectives.

The clients developed a campaign based on findings from previous research. The objective of the focus groups was to ensure that the messages were relevant to both markets and that the talent and stories in the campaign resonated across all consumers without eliciting any cultural alienation and disrespect.

The result

Uncovering & Leveraging Strengths of Both Airlines

Our clients gained an optimized messaging strategy that leveraged the most appealing territories and perceived benefits of both airlines’ brand strengths in each country, while maintaining the integrity and relevance of the partnership itself and its umbrella brand promise.

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