Our client, a leading fast-food restaurant, wanted to improve the ordering experience at its restaurants while introducing/highlighting several new innovative menu items. To obtain the consumer perspective, research was needed to gain an in-depth understanding of menu creative executions, ability for consumers to identify new menu items, and to determine the overall best menu options to move forward. They partnered with C+R Research to answer these objectives, knowing that C+R would bring an innovative solution to the table.


How do we introduce new menu items to our already robust menu?

The goal of this research was to help our fast-food client gain an understanding of how to introduce several new menu items into their menu board.  Research was needed to address pain points from the current ordering experience, while conveying how these new menu items address identified needs/gaps.


3 cell monadic concept test with eye-tracking component

C+R developed a quantitative research design utilizing a monadic approach. Three different menu concepts were tested – a control and two test concepts. The eye-tracking exercise was conducted first where respondents viewed one of the menus for 10 seconds and then again for an unlimited amount of time. Respondents then answered survey questions such as impressions, recall of what they saw, ease of ordering, impact on what they would order and likelihood to visit the restaurant. Along with the survey data, we analyzed the behavioral (eye tracking) data to identify where respondents looked first, viewing patterns across the menu, items most (and least) noticed, length of time spent on each item and overall engagement with the menu.

The result

Consider moving forward with either of the test menus, with some optimizations

The results indicated that the two test menus outperformed the control (current) option – specifically on key metrics such as ease of reading, drawing attention to the new items, organization of the menu and imagery of menu items. Additionally, we provided insights into how each menu could be optimized to better drive awareness of key menu items.

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