Case Study

Keeping a Pulse on Customer Satisfaction During a Transitional Time & Beyond


When a business telecommunications company acquired two larger competitors, the company needed a tool to monitor customer satisfaction throughout the process of the merger and onboarding services to one unified service provider.

A continuous customer satisfaction tracking study helped the team monitor overall satisfaction and highlighted any potential areas of concern among current customers.


Undergoing a Large, 3-Company Merger, While Maintaining a Seamless Customer Service Experience

A large business telecommunications company acquired two larger competitors, covering different areas of the country. When acquired, the three service providers had their own loyal customer base, different service offerings and customer service operations.

In preparation for this merger, the team wanted to establish a tracking study to help monitor customer satisfaction and pinpoint any areas of disturbance during this time of transition.


Establishing Baseline Metrics Overall, and by Legacy Service Provider

To get a handle on how small and medium-sized business customers feel towards their service provider, C+R created a sampling plan with an eye towards understanding the nuances of each legacy company footprint, but with the ultimate goal of moving towards a unified, total company view.  

A quantitative continuous tracking study was created to understand overall satisfaction with their provider and services, as well as perceptions of their business service provider. Going beyond their service satisfaction and loyalty, customer service and technician interactions were also captured.

The result

Heading Off Potential Issues Before It’s Too Late

Through a continuous tracking approach, we are able to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction on a larger company level, as well as by specific legacy provider footprint, which was key as the companies underwent the process of merging services on the backend.

Results were used to pinpoint any potential areas of concern during the merging process, whether it was infrastructure related (manifesting in service reliability issues) or staffing related (slower customer service/technician responses), and measuring the impact of those issues on satisfaction, loyalty and company perceptions.

This customer satisfaction tracking study is an invaluable way for  various client teams to identify areas for improvement, heading off potential issues before it’s too late.

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