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Hispanics currently make up almost 20% of the US population – and that number is expected to reach 25% of the population by 2044. Additionally, the US Hispanic population is young, with a median age of 27 vs. the Non-Hispanic White population at 42 years of age. Hence, now is a prime opportunity for brands to reach out to this growing consumer base. With so many younger people, brands have the chance to develop a life-long relationship with consumers who are loyal to their products. But Hispanics are not a homogenous group; so how can brands learn more about their varying likes, needs, and wants to authentically engage?

This was the concern of our client, a multinational manufacturer of music instruments and associated products. They realized the growing Hispanic population could become an important segment for future growth, and thus wanted to better understand both the needs of these consumers and the size of the opportunity.

They approached C+R Research for help in deciding where to prioritize marketing dollars and to develop strategies, as well as how to best connect with Hispanic consumers. As a first stage of a larger research project, we developed a quantitative survey that allowed our client to hear from a broad sample of Hispanics across the US, across acculturation levels, and across demographics. As a result of this survey, our client gained a thorough understanding of Hispanic consumers and the potential size of the marketing opportunity.


Our client, a manufacturer of popular audio equipment and instruments, saw the potential opportunity of the growing US Hispanic population and sought to conduct primary research to better understand Hispanic consumers' engagement and needs for the brand's products. Through the research, our client wanted to not only learn more about who Hispanic consumers are, but to identify best practices for engaging with these consumers, as well as uncover the greatest opportunities for marketing to them. 

Specifically, the client wanted to understand how (and how much) Hispanic consumers currently consumed music and audio-related products and how their brand could better connect with this potential market. 


We focused the analysis on differences/similarities between acculturation levels. . Our client learned more about the role music and audio products play in Hispanic consumers’ lives and came away with actionable strategies to authentically communicate with this potential audience.

We then followed up with qualitative research to dive deeper into Hispanic consumers' views, expectations, and perceptions of music and related products. We built upon the qualitative research to provide richer context for the quantitative findings.


To help our client gain foundational learnings regarding Hispanic consumers’ perceptions of and engagement with music and audio-related products, C+R conducted a quantitative research study.

After a kickoff grounding session to align on our goals for the project, we administered an online (and mobile-friendly) survey to over 500 Hispanic consumers across the United States. Unacculturated, Bicultural, and Acculturated Hispanics all participated, as did a mix of demographics including income, household size, men and women, and those with and without kids in the household. The survey was available in both English and Spanish.

The survey, which took approximately 20 minutes to complete, included questions regarding music engagement and attitudes, audio equipment and instrument ownership, and brand awareness and attitudes.

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