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A client with a large number of product categories was challenged with finding a partner with high-quality research standards to establish and maintain their longitudinal shopper insights tracker that would help them better understand these products’ purchase journey. Seeking deep experience in both shopper insights and tracking, the client came to C+R to design and build an ongoing tracking system to support their shopper insights needs.


Our client’s needs focused on understanding the shopper journey and filling key knowledge gaps identified by the team, supporting their customer needs, and providing top-notch project management, data quality, reporting, and insights.  

The client came to C+R specifically for our:

  • Shopper and research expertise to develop a survey design that delivers core information while encouraging respondent engagement
  • High level of data quality standards and processes that ensure consistently reliable and clean data
  • Reporting that is both efficient, insightful, and leverages a data portal providing client access to the reports and data from C+R to run their own ad hoc reports in addition to reports C+R develops
  • Collaborative and partnership-based approach to the research program

Customizable Reports to Aid Strategizing
The data portal provides the client the ability to use already created report slides to filter and update as needed, in addition to working with the data to build out their own tables and reports as needed for custom requests. Through a very close partnership with the client, C+R helped the client develop and maintain a tracking program that has met the original objectives but has also evolved to inform new key strategic directions within the organization and has broadened to include additional consulting and insights to support these new needs.


A Quarterly-Based Annual Tracking Program
We developed a quarterly-based annual tracking program incorporating our proprietary real-time data quality tools (C+R’s Sentinel) to collect information on shopper experiences over different parts of the year across eight product categories and two countries. The questionnaire was designed to track key information while also allowing flexibility to adapt the survey with ad hoc questions to respond to emerging needs and questions from the client team. With annual reporting for each category providing core data needs, C+R also set up a flexible and continuously updated data portal that provides the client access to all of the data collected. 

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