Case Study

Building an Effective Segmentation of Moms


A cable TV channel targeting young children had previously defined segments of moms based on their awareness/familiarity and engagement with the channel. However, as the channel looked to expand into new categories beyond television, it realized the need for a more detailed and sophisticated segmentation.

To address this need, C+R surveyed more than 2,000 moms to share about their parenting styles, interests, and media awareness and engagement. Our comprehensive survey identified five segments along with opportunities and recommended messaging for each.


From Simple to Comprehensive Segmentation

As it prepared to expand, a young children’s cable channel wanted to identify not only the range of viable opportunities outside of television but also the types of moms it could attract with expanded offerings (and how to reach those moms). The channel’s existing segments of moms could only go so far as to identify their engagement with the brand.

The goal? Develop more comprehensive segmentation while maintaining alignment with the original segments to avoid “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”


A Robust Study Among Moms

C+R surveyed nearly 2,000 moms of children 6 months to 6 years old to understand their parenting styles, interests, and media awareness and engagement. We included a mix of moms with children at different ages, as well as a representative mix of demographic characteristics, including region, race/ethnicity, employment, income, and marital status.

Questions covered traditional TV interests and behaviors (as related to children/parenting) along with digital and offline behaviors, giving us a rich picture of each mom’s toolbox of strategies for entertaining young children. To help dimensionalize potential opportunities, some questions dug deeper into familiarity and engagement with our client’s channel and key competitive channels.

In conjunction with our in-house Advanced Analytics team, we identified the best segmentation solution – which included five distinct segments. We then conducted an in-depth work session with the client team to align on the recommended segmentation solution and strategize about the most effective format for sharing results with the rest of the company.

The result

Targeting and Messaging Opportunities Identified

The five unique segments of moms were defined based on their attitudes toward entertainment for their children, as well as their parenting styles – ranging from less engaged to very engaged, with a few groups in between.

For each segment, we included detailed descriptions, a persona, and:

  • The size (percent of moms and the estimated number in the U.S.)
  • A goal/objective (from building awareness to building loyalty)
  • Targeting opportunities
  • Recommended marketing messages

The findings were ultimately shared in an easy-to-digest report that summarized the five segments. Narratives painted a detailed picture of each segment and used famous TV moms as proxies. For each segment, potential opportunities and recommendations for associated messaging were also included.

After presenting the segments to the entire company, we worked with our client team to develop additional collateral, including segment postcards, one-pagers, posters, and notepads. Collateral was posted around the office and shared with employees to help them learn about and remember the new segments as they developed strategies and marketing plans.

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