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Frustrated by “black box” analytics and statisticians that are “behind the curtain” pulling levers only to spit out mounds of data with no story or POV? Worse yet, when the statistician comes out from behind the curtain, they might as well be speaking Latin – you are hard-pressed to understand a word they say.

That’s not the case here. Our in-house Advanced Analytics team excels at delivering innovative, yet practical analyses that elevate every project’s findings. They not only bring advanced analytics expertise to the table but also keen business acumen. Our statistical consultants are true team members, meaning they are with you every step of the way, from translating your complex questions into spectacularly designed research to helping analyze the data into actionable insights.

Our toolbox
sets us apart

Our analytic toolbox is deep and varied.
You name it, we’ve done it. We have the
approaches and techniques to meet your
business objectives.

New Products, Line Extensions,
and Optimization

  • For new concepts, we benchmark/score concepts; to understand the strengths of your concepts, we offer model-based scoring techniques such as Bradley-Terry.
  • For new product configuration and demand forecasting, we employ a wide array of conjoint methodologies, from traditional conjoint and choice-based conjoint to adaptive and menu-based conjoint.
  • We can optimize your product line by using a wide range of analytics such as:
    • TURF – Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency
    • Cannibalization & Incrementality Analysis – an innovative volume analysis approach based on simple survey metrics; a must-have for many of our CPG clients
    • Full or partial shelf-shopping exercises using choice modeling that accounts for competitive brands and pricing when optimizing the line
  • Drivers analyses to determine what really motivates people.
  • We can help you determine the optimal price point for maximizing your profit, revenue, or market share.

Identifying Your Target Market Through Segmentation

We’re highly skilled and very experienced in segmentation techniques, such as k-means, latent class, hierarchical, canonical correlations, as well as innovations like cluster ensembles and reverse segmentation. We strive to collect and use survey data with a high signal-to-noise ratio so that our segmentation solutions are of the highest quality. You can also count on us to leverage a Max-Diff approach to gain greater discrimination in defining your segments.

Identifying what Drives Attitudes / Behaviors

We have many tools at our disposal for driver analysis – as simple as correlations or ANOVAs, and as advanced as structural equation modeling or hierarchical Bayes regression.

Merging Behavior with Attitudes

Understanding the relationship between attitudes and behavior is critical. We often analyze client data (typically transaction based), in addition to survey data; many times, we merge the two datasets to tie survey results (attitudes) more closely with customer data (behaviors).

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We Deliver Tools for
“What If” Scenarios

For many of our techniques, we can provide customized tools to help you answer those “what if questions” that arise well after a project is completed.

Our Advanced Analytics team combines all the factors and variables that play a part in the quantitative research process to build custom tools to help you perform better forecasting and find the answers you need. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to create custom analytics tools to help with:

  • Line Optimization – We can help you prepare your shelf display in-store. If you’re deciding which products to sell and which products to improve, we can help you make informed decisions.
  • Optimizing Prices – Price is a major factor in the success of a product. Our custom tools can help you find that sweet spot for your service or product.
  • New Product Configuration – If you’re in the process of designing a new product and you want to evaluate specific features and aspects of that product, we can help.
  • Key Drivers Analysis – Do you know what drives interest in your product? Our Key Drivers Analysis helps clients figure out what things matter most in their consumers’ decision-making processes. We’ve developed tools to explore and forecast crucial metrics such as demand, volume, price, satisfaction, and NPS.

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