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Competition among wireless service providers is increasing as mergers continue to narrow the playing field and technology advancements require quick strategic decisions to bolster customer satisfaction. Maintaining relevance with current customers is even more critical for regional providers with a limited footprint and a smaller customer base compared to national providers. Smaller, regional providers also need to ensure they are up to speed on the latest market trends in order to grow their customer base and match what potential customers might be looking for when shopping for wireless services. Given the market dynamics, what can a regional wireless service provider do to remain competitive and quickly pivot strategies in a cost-efficient manner given their narrow footprint? How do they remain innovative to meet current customers’ needs as well as capture new customers? 

Our client was looking for a cost-efficient solution that would allow them to conduct qualitative and quantitative research among their customers and non-customers in a flexible, agile manner while also offering economies of scale.

We created a long-term, agile, communipanel for them to leverage immediate feedback on critical business questions with their customers and non-customers. The communipanel included a large panel as well as a smaller subset of consumers who were part of a smaller-sized community.


Our client, a regional, well-known wireless service provider was looking for a cost-efficient solution to continue to gain a strong understanding of the needs of both their current customers and non-customers. Traditionally, given out client’s smaller footprint, research among customers proved expensive and time-intensive. Our challenge was to create a quick-turn system that would allow our client to conduct research quickly but also be cost-efficient.

Specifically, our client wanted to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to:

  • Explore perceptions, interests, and needs across customers and non-customers
  • Understand the customer experience as well as experiences among non-customers to remain competitive and understand potential areas for innovation
  • Identify needs/desires related to products/services/messaging
  • Continue to understand customers’ and non-customers’ mindset and their voices to inform current, and emerging initiatives

As a result of the development of the long-term online communipanel, we have conducted more than 30 research initiatives ranging in size and audience. 

We’ve conducted myriad of cost-efficient initiatives in a matter of weeks helping our client develop strategies to continue satisfying their current customers as well as developed focused products and services to entice potential customers. Our client has had the opportunity to conduct research among a very focused target in a manner that would have been too costly to conduct via traditional research.
Research has ranged from early to end stage and included concept and messaging feedback, advertising tests, new product development and competitive assessment. 


To help our client answer key business questions, we created an online communipanel (mix of customers and non-customers) with approximately 2,000 consumers housed in a proprietary database as well as a community subset of 500 consumers. Members of the online communipanel are located within specific zip codes to align with our client’s footprint. The panel undergoes a refresh every six months to remove any who are no longer active. 

Throughout the duration of the communipanel, our client has conducted both qualitative and quantitative research, including surveys with open ends, digital discussions, and online experience research. We’ve also maintained member engagement through the use of creative tools for research such as heat maps, Max Diff and sorting exercises. And we’ve leveraged statistical analysis for several strategic initiatives such as pricing research and clustering/modeling. Throughout all research initiatives, given the fact that we have pre-screened and pre-profiled our client’s current customers, we’ve been able to uncover key differences among these members and non-customers which have allowed our client to quickly develop strategies to meet both audiences’ needs.

We’ve also ensured client engagement via frequent meetings, mid-point check-ins, email summaries, and ongoing feedback. These methods allow both the research and client teams to quickly adjust research plans to ensure we capture the needed insights. 

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