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Of all consumers, teenagers are generally the most willing to try new things, go against the status quo, and adopt new habits and trends as they continuously discover who they are. Brands seeking to capture the hearts of teens and encourage them to become lifelong consumers must find ways to elevate their relevance and evolve with this target. But how does a brand known for its longevity best discover what teens love and what approaches would seem most relevant to them?

A well-known beverage manufacturer had a high level of recognition with teens; however, few teens had reported actually consuming the products recently. As a way to better connect with this target audience, our client wanted to maintain a deep, long-term connection with teens that they could leverage when communicating with them.

C+R created and led a year-long online community that enabled our client to connect deeply with a group of teens to learn more about their lives, their habits, and their emotions regarding the brand and its products.


Our client, a popular beverage manufacturer, enjoyed a high awareness level and preference with teens; however, many teens reported they had not consumed our client's brand within the past month. To grow teen consumption incidents, our client needed to fill knowledge gaps regarding how teens felt about the brand, as well as general information regarding their habits, their attitudes, and the destinations they chose for buying food and beverages.

Ultimately, our client was seeking a way to create and maintain a deep, on-going connection with teens that they could leverage to consistently discover actionable, consumption-driven insights and brand loyalty.

C+R created a year-long online community of teens to allow our client to connect deeply with the same group of teens over this period of time and learn more about their lives, habits, and feelings about our client's brand and products.


At the end of the year-long online community, our client had a greater, more in-depth understanding of teens' habits and attitudes about both life in general and their products in particular. The client also received many insights, as well as actionable strategies, regarding these teens' lives to deploy when building campaigns and other communications to reach and entice young consumers to the brand.


C+R created a year-long online community to allow our client’s team to connect with a core group of teens long-term.

Sixty teens aged 13-18 were recruited to participate. The group included national representation and a mix of genders, ethnicity, household income, and region. All teens were non-rejectors of our client's products, and all were open and willing to share their lives with us, including granting access to their social media accounts. 

Over the course of the year, the teens participated in a number of activities to help our client get to know more about their lives, their passions, and when our client's product came into play. For example, some of the teens completed a monthly blog post in which they shared a typical day in their life, including foods and beverages they enjoyed. Other teens participated in an immersive excursion, where a moderator and client were allowed to tag along with the teen as they prepared for prom, went to an amusement park with friends, or celebrated a milestone birthday. The community also included an open forum for teens to chat with one another about anything they found interesting. 

The community was open to our client 24/7, meaning they could check in with the teen participants whenever it was convenient for them. C+R generated both monthly and end-of-project deliverables with actionable insights. We also hosted periodic activation workshops to help our client's team and other key stakeholders to transform the insights into strategies. 

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